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More Than A Paycheck



  • Are you currently married or plan to be married?

  • Has your husband ever been downsized and experienced a reduction in income or reduced to zero income?

  • Has the loss of income negatively impacted your marriage in the area of communications, lifestyle, and intimacy?

  • Do you need tools to help your marriage thrive during economic turbulent times?


If you responded “yes” to any of these questions, then “More than a Paycheck” offers hope! It provides tools that can be implemented to ensure your marriage not only survives, but can thrive during financial adversity.

* * * * * *

Joy & Company is the executive producer of the annual Christian Literary Awards (CLA), a black tie, red carpet awards gala honoring authors for their excellence in writing and for choosing to write faith-based literature.  More Than A Paycheck was awarded the 2019 Christian Literary People's Choice Award for the Business and Finance category.

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"A true story of love and commitment, Sharon Almon captures what women need to know about keeping your marriage fun when your money is funny.  Best summed up with one line, “My husband’s net worth far exceeded his paycheck and helped to put things in perspective for me”, Sharon’s personal story is a fabulous point of reflection for wives (and wives-to-be).  And with money being a root of most failed marriages, it’s time to take a serious look—Do you have the recipe to make it last forever? This no-fluff book offers insightful, engaging, encouraging, and real tips to weather your marriage during any financial storm.  Don’t let money (or the lack of it) change you."

Dr. Roz Ashford
Author, Personal Development Expert & Talk Radio Host

* * * * * *

"More Than a Paycheck is a Wonderfully Insightful book that I know will help many couples in these turbulent financial times.  The heartfelt, examples you shared brought laughter and tears but always ended with the HOPE that one can always have in knowing Jesus and learning to trust HIM in ALL things.  I was encouraged by every story and compelled to put into practice some of the steps you have outlined to regain financial freedom and maintain it.  Thanks so much for birthing this work out by the Spirit (HE is the best teacher ever).   For sharing your life experiences so transparently, and giving us tools of wisdom to re-establish financial balance and yet keep our marriage relationships vital!   Bless you, Sharon!"

Fay Bonds, Elder

Living Waters Cathedral COGIC

* * * * * *


"My Dear Sharon Almon, has written a must-read primer for anyone considering marriage or is married.  From my observation of Sharon and her husband, they are a perfect portrait of a Godly marriage and relationship. In every possible way, they show their love, respect and value for one another; the love of Jesus personified.

Sharon is a prototype of not only a wonderful wife, but also the epitome of femininity. Read this book and learn from one of God’s sweetest and best wife, mother, sister, church member walking on earth!"

First Lady, Mary A. Jackson

Word in Action Fellowship Church


* * * * * *

"This book reminds me of a well written novel…the author pulls you in and you don’t want to put it down.  It does not matter if you are single, engaged or married; I believe this book offers something for everyone!  You will be carried away on a wonderful journey of true love….a must read."


Barbara P. Mayfield, Managing Director

Priority One Health Care


* * * * * *


"With gratitude to Sharon Almon for sharing her testimony and delivering insightful tools to help marriages survive financial adversities in this book, More Than a Paycheck.

More Than a Paycheck is a real life story, of real people and how their relationship survived financial difficulties. Regardless of where you are in your walk with Christ, this inspiring book helps understand and translate into practical actions the multiple biblical principles in this matter.  Sharon Almon, who has been married for over 35 years, shares life experiences and treasures in this book."

Eric and Nancy Montano

Spring of Life Couples Ministries


* * * * * *

"The author did an amazing job at assimilating valuable life changing financial/budgeting information while keeping the reader totally engaged...a real page turner. This book is a must read for every household."

Michelle Jones, Pastor

Living Waters Cathedral COGIC


"Wow where do I start...This book has inspired me in so many ways. It helped to remind me how important it is to marry your best friend.  This book is for everyone... not just married couples. Once you begin reading, you won't put it down until you have finished it! I will be looking for the workbook, hopefully soon to come."


Dena Parker, Controller

* * * * * *

"Sharon and Maurice are truly inspiring in their commitment to helping foster strong marriages.  This book is both entertaining and educational.  It will inspire you to find ways to support your spouse in hard times.  Thank you, Sharon, for sharing this honest and upbeat story of living your faith through challenging times."

Dan & Charlotte Hayes

Executive Director

Atlanta Community Ministries


* * * * * *


More Than A Paycheck is an amazing book for both wives and wives-to-be; a tool to help sustain marriages during financial upheavals! Sharon candidly and transparently shares the challenges she and her husband, Maurice, faced as their financial stability took a major turn. As a budget coach, I appreciate how Sharon provides financial tips to managing money wisely whether one is in a crisis or not. As we know, the number one topic of dispute in a marriage evolves around money issues. Sharon explains how wives and wives-to-be can confront and overcome the difficult economic times in their marriage. Thank you Sharon for obeying the Lord and sharing this much needed subject with your readers!”

Kimberly Ivory Graves

Author of Leaving Peace & Order

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