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More Conference and Workshop Topics

​More Than A Paycheck

Challenge: My husband’s unforeseen financial loss has impacted our relationship. How do we rise above our relationship challenges?

This workshop or conference is based on Sharon’s book. It is designed to help wives, engaged and married couples to develop an action plan to rise above adversity in their relationship. Practical tools will be provided to help create a healthy, loving relationship in the face of life’s unpredictable challenges in the following areas: Communication, practical life, intimacy, finances and faith.

I Still Need You Intimately...

Challenge: How do we maintain a level of intimacy in our marriage while raising children, caring for parents, unforeseen job loss, or dealing with a serious illness?

This workshop or conference is designed to help married couples develop an action plan to maintain physical intimacy in their marriage while dealing with the day-to-day challenges and obstacles in life. Each couple will establish a weekly date night that culminates in physical intimacy. Pressures in a marriage can sometimes lead to isolation; however, the goal is to run to each other and not away from one another.

Ask Me Out On A Date:  Dating is Essential!

Challenge: Your marriage has become a routine and you both know you are in a haven't been on a date in months, and for some, it may have been years. Learn how to make yourselves a priority and establish a weekly date night.

This workshop or Conference is designed to give couples the tools needed to keep the relationship a priority. Can you remember when you met the love of your life and dating was something to look forward to, the joy of being creative and having fun! Marriage should not be the end of dating, but just the beginning. Learn creative ways to date your mate for life. Couples will walk away with creative cost effective ways to keep the romance alive in their marriage.

Did you see our Bank Statement? $0.00


Challenge:  What would you do if you woke up and all of your savings, checking and 401k accounts were at a zero balance? What qualities would keep your marriage and relationship vibrant during this financial loss?


This workshop or conference is designed to help couples look inside themselves and identify qualities that go beyond finances and material trappings. Couples will be given practical tools to set up a plan and access resources to get them through financial difficulties while maintaining the love in their marriage.

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