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Romance Corner is dedicated to wives, engaged and married couples who want to invest in their relationship. This page will provide tools, tips and resources in order to focus on what’s most important. In our day-to-day grind we often get away from doing the basic things that brought us together. Over time, this negatively impacts the relationship. Our greatest distraction, and what I call time gobblers, may include our careers, children and finances. Social media may also have an impact. Some spouse’s will spend hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but less than 30 minutes a day effectively communicating with the one they love. This page will remind each of us that it is the small, consistent acts of kindness that bring the greatest returns of love.

Romance Corner

Not because it was my birthday. Not because it was Valentine's Day. Not even because it was Christmas, but just because. When I had arrived home, to my surprise my wonderful husband had showered me with a cake that read, "To My Lovely Wife, Just Because."  In addition, he bought me Love Jones (one of my favorite movies), a bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of sparkling grape Juice - Welch's brand...another one of my favorites. I was so elated because it was completely unexpected. We took photos of me to capture the moment and enjoyed the cake and juice. It is a memory that I will forever treasure in my heart. There are numerous ways that my husband has shown his love and been romantic.  This one, I must say, ranks high among them all.

~ An Appreciative Wife

Romantic Stories

Sometimes we get caught up in comparing our spouse to what we see on TV shows and miss the true romantic things our spouse does.  I think the most romantic thing my spouse has done for me was served me in bed.  It may not seem like much but it was romantic to me.

~ Grateful for the Little Things

I think the most romantic thing my husband has done for me over the years he does every year for Valentine's Day. Beginning the 1st to the 14th of February he gives me something each day. One day it may be a heart felt poem or haiku. The next day it may be a piece of candy (a Hershey's kiss or mini box of candies). Another day may be a stuffed animal or a single flower (a rose or carnation). He gets rather creative at times. When our children were younger he had to, we didn't have much money. Then, on the 14th, he usually gives me the largest gift of all, maybe a piece of jewelry or something. This has gone on now for 24 years. It is so wonderful to have a romantic husband that can be creative and frugal at the same time.


It doesn't take a lot of money to be romantic. But it does take some creativity and a lot of love. I am truly blessed and highly favored of God. Thanks for allowing us to participate in the different activities of the ministry. Even though we are not physically there, we are always with you all in spirit.

~ Blessed & Loving Wife

Our most romantic time in our marriage was when we decided to have a picnic in the park during the heart of winter!  We packed up our favorite foods,  a grill to make barbecue and our thickest blanket. While we nestled under the blanket to stay warm we eagerly waited to enjoy our scrumptious meal. Our love melted the rigid cold in the middle of a freezing winter!! TRUE LOVE...

~ Frozen Lovers

Well, it was a time when my wife was working as a Youth Director at a church. She was putting in long hours week to week and it seemed that we would not be able to go on a vacation anytime soon. So, one Friday night I cooked a candle light dinner and served as her servant for the night. When she came home I met her at the door dressed as a Caribbean masseuse with towel in hand. I escorted her to the bathroom as she walked on rose petals all the way to the bathtub. There I had a nice hot bubble bath for her surrounded with candles. I had some smooth jazz playing to set the mood. I washed her back as she proceeded to wash. Once she was done, I dried her off and led her to the bed and gave her a hot oil body massage. After I finished, I put her robe on her and we indulged in our candle light dinner. Well, the rest of the night is something only Jesus will tell!! Hint! Hint!. Boy! Sometimes I think I need help! Ha! Ha! 

~ Red Roses, Red Roses, send lover boy over!

The most memorable romantic moment was three years ago on a Friday afternoon. I got off work at noon that day and when I entered the door at home all the lights were off, I could only see the natural sunlight through the blinds of our apartment. My Husband told me to go in the kid’s bathroom, and to my surprise, it was a bubble bath with candles lit around the tub. I’m sure I had the biggest grin on my face! The water temperature was perfect. I got in and just relaxed. Then, he came in with hors d'ourves and something to drink. The timing was great because it was my normal lunch time anyway. The setting was fabulous and I will never forget that moment of pampering!!!

~ Bubble Man

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